This is a list of all the products currently available from and its parent company Norwich Instrument Services Ltd.


Capacitive HVD proving unit

The Uni-Prove is a proving unit for multiple HVDs, it works across manufacturers and types so you'll only need to carry one proving unit.



True Polarity Tester for PME Systems

The TruPol is primarily designed for the electricity distribution companies to indicate cross polarity of the incoming customers supply.



Multi Attachment 240V Power Lead

The PowerPal is a multi attachment 240V power lead which can be used to provide a safe 240V supply in a variety of situations where needed e.g. from busbars and street lighting.


NC001 PoleVolt

Voltage Detector

The NC001 is a non-contact voltage detector. It's designed to accurately detect mains voltages that may be present when testing PC400 fuses and associated cables at height with the use of operational rods.


S5000 Axxis

12kV Sheath Fault Location System

Unplanned downtime is the high cost problem Regional Electricity Companies and other network owners dread. Often, serious electrical cable problems start with unattended minor faults such as sheath faults. The Bicotest AXXIS S5000 System provides fast effective remedies. The system diagnoses and pinpoints trouble spots accurately and is the only sheath fault locator on the market to incorporate a magnetometer for fast, effective fault finding.


RL2000 Woodpecker

HV Cable Identifier

The Woodpecker RL2000 Cable Identifier is for use on dead HV cables its analogue meter shows signal strength and has constant or pulsed sine wave output.



Acoustic Listening Kit

For accurate fault pin pointing using magnetic and acoustic indicators. Used in conjunction with a surge generator.


T120A Victor

Insulation Tester & Voltage Indicator

The T120A Victor is an easy to use, portable, dual purpose insultation tester and high voltage indicator designed specifically to meet the demand from distribution engineers for a live line tester that can be inserted into isolation spouts of indoor metal clad 6.6kV and 11kV switchgear.



30kV DC Pressure Test Set

For testing of installed cable and jointing systems. Bicotest provide the S109 DC Test Set, featuring full metering, positive and negative output with respect to earth and a separate test timer. The S109 DC Test Set offers continuously variable output and is compact, portable and highly efficient in operation.



30kV AC Pressure Test Set

The P123 is a high voltage test instrument designed for testing insulation systems and the measurment of breakdown voltage on electrical plant and components. Output is variable from 0 to 30KV AC with accurate metering on both the output voltage and current. The equipment is fitted with a zero volt interlock system on the controlling regulator. This interlock prevents the output being energised unless the controlling regulator is in the minimum output position.



Axxis Probes

Replacement / Spare probes for the Axxis 5000 kit. Please see datasheet for the specification.



Axxis Receiver

Receiver for the Axxis 5000 kit, can be supplied boxed with the Magnetometer



Axxis Magnetometer

Magnetometer for the Axxis 5000 kit, can be supplied boxed with the Receiver

Bicotest™ is a registered name under Norwich Instrument Services Ltd.